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New Animation Coming Soon

2017-05-25 02:10:17 by MelloYelloClock



Happy Clockday!

2015-08-15 01:53:55 by MelloYelloClock

Happy Clockday everyone! Many more years of B to come!

Join our community!

Get ready.

2015-07-10 00:35:17 by MelloYelloClock


New Animation!!

2014-12-08 13:13:06 by MelloYelloClock

A little late but, I made a new animation for Thanksgiving! But nonetheless, enjoy! Vote 5! :)


Newly released movie

2014-11-03 03:04:14 by MelloYelloClock

I just released my Halloween movie today. It's a little late because I fell ill for the past couple of days and going on the computer for more than 10 mins made the room spin. But nonetheless, its finished and ready to watch! I had fun making it, I hope you have fun watching it. :)

View it here :


2014-10-23 19:05:19 by MelloYelloClock



2014-10-19 15:41:36 by MelloYelloClock

I'm active again. Where's my friends?

For the last two weeks I've been hard at work re-doing my 2005 ClockDay movie, A Look Into The Future, and so far it has been coming out great. If I can remember, the first one only had me working on it for about 2 days maximum, therefore it came out like crap. I decided to re-do this movie because I like the story and I think it deserves better a presentation. So watch for the revamped version coming soon within the next 2 weeks!

Slowly coming back.

2008-06-05 00:47:41 by MelloYelloClock

Sup everyone. I am slowly coming back to making flash. As well as going back to the Clock Crew. Just a note that I am the REAL MelloYelloClock. I changed my name then I went on vacation and I didn't know there was going to be a lock down on changing user names. Sucks, yeah I know. I just wanted to stop by and say hey, and look forward to more flash by me. Thanks for viewing.